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Deborah Hubbell

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Interim Principal's Greeting

The highest result of education is tolerance.

Helen Keller

Deborah Hubbell retired as the esteemed principal of Derby Middle School years ago. Since that time, Mrs. Hubbell has returned to be interim principal at Bingham Farms Elementary, Deputy Superintendent and another stint as interim principal, at Harlan Elementary. She will be finishing the remainder of the school year as the Interim Principal at Derby. 

Mrs. Hubbell has spent her life serving BPS and the pride she feels in this service is in equal parts the love she has for watching students learn, the mutual beneficial experiences that is created between a student and teacher, and the pride that is felt in seeing children benefit from a world class educational offering. Mrs. Hubbell also freely expresses the profound appreciation for the parents who ensure our students have abundant resources and provide genuine support for our school district.