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At Derby Middle School, we provide a wide range of clubs that cater to the varied interests of our student body.


Derby Winter 2024 New Club Offering: Derby Store

Hey there, awesome students! Have you ever thought about unleashing your inner entrepreneur and having a blast while doing it? Joining the school store team is your ticket to an exciting adventure every morning! Picture this: you get to be part of a cool squad, running the show and making the mornings at our school a little brighter. From managing the latest must-have school supplies to being the mastermind behind fun promotions, it's all in a day's work. You'll gain killer teamwork skills, pad your resume with real-world experience, and have a ton of fun doing it! Plus, you're not just working – you're shaping the vibe of our school community. So, who's up for some awesome times at the school store? Sign up now, and let's make mornings epic together! 🎉🍭 #JoinTheStoreSquad #SchoolStoreAdventures

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